Sunday, October 27, 2013

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Here I am God, Send me!

As I hugged my mother in the airport, with so many mixed emotions, thinking to myself  "wow this is truly it, here I am God send me!" Filled with excitement and much anticipation I boarded the airplane, bound for YWAM! Those two hours seemed to be the longest two hours of my life. With my mind filled with many thoughts, I reflected about the past three years of my life. In awe of how God moved my heart and brought me to this time and season of my life. Many of times he spoke to me and guided me. Holding my hand, always steadfast and constant even through the times I tried to just do it on my own. I was reminded a quote from Timothy Keller, " God speaks to us saying 'My child when you make a request, I always give you what you would ask for if you knew everything I know' " The truth in that word speaks to me in so many ways, I cannot be more thankful for what he has given me! Especially everything that has brought me to this point to lead me to New York.
As I arrived in Long Island to the YWAM base, I knew in my heart this is where I am to be in this season of my life. Being one of the first few to arrive, I settled in and began to get to know my fellow peers. By Sunday everyone apart of the Fall 2013 DTS had arrived! There is a total of 20 students...17 girls and 3 guys, ages 16-25! I started to learn names, faces, and a little bit about a couple of the students. I quickly knew that some of these people will be lifelong friends! As we all are new to this place, our first week we got a glimpse of what these next six months will be like. We learned more about each other and shared our testimonies and how the Lord led us to be here with YWAM. As I sat and listened to everyone's testimonies, I felt more connected and truly started to have an appreciation for them, very excited to see how the Lord is going to move in our lives as we strive to grow closer to him. We also had a few speakers such as Anita Setran, (who is a director and leader here at the YWAM Metro New York base) Nick Savoca, (Anita's father and founder/director of YWAM Metro New York) and Kathy Schmalfuss. And through the lectures I was reminded that the Lord desires to have a relationship with us. That He is so very patient, always loving, and continually protecting us, providing what is truly best for us and for our lives. The key I have recently realized to that is I have to have the willing heart ready to accept all that God is, also all that he has for my life! Over all the first week was a success and my spirit is filled with much joy to be here! Having faith that my joy will continue as I take this opportunity to let the Lord transform my relationship with him, also sharing with others about his great love! I ask you continue to keep me in your prayers as I start this DTS, that I would have a open and ready heart for all the Lord wants to do. I thank you for your support in praying for me! I am so truly blessed to live this life God has given me and to have this opportunity to participate in the Discipleship Training School alongside Youth With A Mission.
In His Compassionate Love,
Christie Coblentz